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Forms/Resources on this Site:

Behavioral Health Guidelines for Boards of Ministry (PDF)

Candidacy Mentor Report to the DCOM (PDF)

A Guide to the Candidacy Process - 2017 (PDF)

Candidacy Personal Information Form (PDF)

Candidacy Tracking Form Spreadsheet: .xlsx or PDF

 Candidate's Disclosure Form - Form 114 : updated 8/22/2018 (PDF)

Certified Lay Minister Program (PDF)

CLM Action Report (PDF) Certified Lay Ministers and Certified Lay Minister Candidates are recommended to be interviewed every year and must be approved every two years. This form will enable you to track progress and report to the CLM Registrar and BOOM assistant. Forms may be submitted electronically.

 Church Support for Candidacy Form 117

Commissioning Service Requirement (to be pre-approved by DCOM)  (doc)

DCOM Handbook: 2016-2020 (PDF)

DCOM Action Report Blank (PDF)

DCOM CLM Candidates Tracking Report (PDF)

DCOM CLM Tracking (PDF)

District Superintendent Evaluation (for deacons) (doc)

Enlistment and Interpretation Brochure (PDF)

Educational Requirements for Provisional Elders and Deacons (PDF)

General Board of Ordained Ministry (GBHEM Website)

Guide for Conversation between Pastor and SPR (PDF)

Health Form 103 (PDF)

Local Pastors Action Report Blanks (PDF)

Local Pastors Handbook 2017-2020 (rev 4.19.18) (PDF)

Local Pastor's and Associate Members Scholarship Application (PDF)

Mary Bigler Hinkle Scholarship (DOCX)

Ministerial Code of Ethics (PDF)

Pastoral Assessment Tool (PDF)

The Student Aid Fund (For certified candidates on elder or deacon track)

Thomas K. Cartwright Scholarship: Letter/Application (DOC - Updated 01/2016)

Ministry Internship Program

Where is God Calling me to Serve - Ministry - Vocation?
Scholarship Information
Opportunities to Help You Explore Calling

Enlistment and Interpretation Brochure


Culture of the Call Materials (PDF)