New Boundaries Course for Pastors
"Keeping Our Sacred Trust"

(updated 6/2016)


During Clergy Session it was announced that a new Clergy Sexual Ethics Boundaries resource is available.  The Susquehanna Conference Sexual Ethics Policy includes the following requirements (CLM’s and Lay speakers have the same requirements as clergy):


  • All clergy serving under appointment or as supply are required to take Basic Boundaries with the first six months of beginning the appointment. 
  • Clergy are to take a Sexual Ethics Boundaries course during each quadrennium
  • Courses available are
    • Boundaries II – offered locally, contact your District Superintendent to see when it is being offered
    • Keeping Our Sacred Trust – on-line course through the Lewis Center at – cost is $49 and offers .5 CEU’s
  • Other courses will be developed
  • For our purposes, courses taken this summer through December 2020 will be credited to the new quadrennium


Colleagues, it is important that we keep ourselves aware and well informed.  This is something we do, not only because we have to, but because it is important!