What is Provisional Membership?

The United Methodist Church requires a provisional period of two years. This process may begin when half the education requirements have been met, but must include at least two years following the completion of a seminary degree. — 2012 Book of Discipline, ¶¶ 326

At annual conference session, the bishop commissions those who are recommended by the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM) and approved by the clergy session. This begins the provisional period and brings the commissioned minister into the clergy covenant. These commissioned ministers will serve under appointment by the bishop during the provisional years in areas of service appropriate to their calling. Provisional members may be appointed to congregations, to attend school, to extension ministry (elders), or in appointments beyond the local church (deacons). Read More

Important Info

Ordination Project Approval: The project may be started any time after you are commissioned however, a proposal must be submitted for approval. The proposal must be approved by Rev. Rick Bender ( no later than the Fall Retreat prior to the deadline of your Ordination Candidate year but may be approved any time during your Provisional time.

Spring Educational Day - Monday March 6, 2017 at Grace UMC, Lewistown, PA.

General Church SeminarsIf this is your first year of provisional membership or if you have not already attended one of the seminars, remember that one is required prior to ordination. (see handbook)

Theology Study Days - These will help prepare you for the theology portion of your ordination exam. See the handbook for details about this opportunity.


Helpful Links

Handbook for Provisional Members (Commissioned prior to 2016) updated 7/2017(PDF)
Handbook for Provisional Members Commissioned 2016 and after  updated 7/2017 (PDF)

Cover Letter for a Physical (PDF)
Request for Reconsideration (PDF)
Ministerial Code of Ethics (PDF)
Policy on Accommodations for persons with Disabilities (PDF)