Board of Ordained Ministry

Susquehanna Conference, The United Methodist Church


The Book of Discipline lists specific course requirements that must be included in graduate theological education prior to provisional membership in the United Methodist Church:
These basic graduate theological studies must include courses in Old Testament; New Testament; theology; church history; mission of the church in the world; evangelism; worship/ liturgy; and United Methodist doctrine, polity and history. (¶324.4.a)
In the course of fulfilling requirements for the Master of Divinity Degree, candidates for elder from the Susquehanna Conference must also include the following in their studies:
1. 2 Courses in Preaching
2. 1 Course in Leadership
3. 1 Bible Course (beyond survey/introduction level) in Old Testament
4. 1 Bible Course (beyond survey/introduction level) in New Testament
Candidates for Deacon: carefully review Book of Discipline ¶324.4.a, ¶324.4.c, ¶324.5
Questions on whether specific courses satisfy a requirement should be directed to the Board of Ordained Ministry Elders or Deacons Registrar.
Distance Education
1. University Senate guidelines state that credit for online education for UM students will only be granted for classes taken at one of the 13 UM theological schools or at Asbury Theological Seminary.
2. All United Methodist seminaries and Asbury Theological Seminary are allowed to offer up to two-thirds of the Master of Divinity degree as distance education (as defined by 2012 Association of Theological Schools Standard ES.4), with one-third of the degree required to be campus-based (as defined by 2012 Association of Theological Schools Standard ES.2).
(updated 3/2017)